Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

LLCs (limited liability companies) have become a common form of business organization due to the ease of creating them and the flexibility they can provide to the owners (members). Although it may appear to be an easy “do-it-yourself” project, at Cripps & Simmons, we can help you navigate the many decisions which should be addressed prior to filing with the Secretary of State. Some of these decisions are the purpose, management type, tax status, transfer restrictions, succession planning and valuation of the company. These issues are addressed in the Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement.

We don’t just get you started

Cripps & Simmons is available to assist you throughout your business life with needs such as employment contracts, purchases and sales, and transitioning ownership among members or to third parties. We invite you to meet with one of our experienced attorneys and discuss how we can be of assistance to you with your exciting new endeavor.

See our Getting Started Page for a list of some of the decisions you should be considering before meeting with us.