Non-Profit Organizations

Almost everyone enjoys helping others or promoting a cause that is important to them. But for some, it can become a passion or calling that must be pursued. If you get that calling, and feel the need to establish a non-profit, Cripps & Simmons can help you with that. We can help you decide the best type of legal structure to form, and advise what your tax filing requirements and other obligations will be as a non-profit.

There are different ways in which a non-profit organization can be created. For example, the easiest way is likely to be an unincorporated association, but a non-profit can also be formed as a trust, or a non-profit corporation. If the non-profit is formed by a trust, we can help you write the trust document, which would define how the organization would be operated, and who and how trustees would be selected. Alternatively, if a non-profit corporation is used, it will typically be governed by a board of directors and operated in accordance with a set of bylaws.

To be able to help you in this process, we need to meet with you in person. During this meeting, we will learn about why the non-profit is being formed and its goals. In addition, we will need to know how you intend to raise money (whether by donations, grants, fundraisers, dues or some combination of these) and what governing structure will best suit the organization.

With this information, we will be able to recommend the best legal structure, help you create the entity if that is appropriate, help create governing documents, and assist with tax filings such as an application for tax-exempt status. Having a formal recognition by the IRS that the non-profit is tax-exempt, and in some circumstances, eligible to receive donations that are tax-deductible, can be very important for a successful non-profit business.