Trust Administration

Trust Administration is an area of law in which an attorney and his or her staff assist individuals appointed as Trustees with properly managing trust assets and fulfilling their legal obligations to the beneficiaries of the Trust, as well as protecting themselves from liability.

Where to begin

If you have been designated as trustee of an individual’s trust, we can help you navigate the sometimes complex legal and financial responsibilities of this role. If you have been named a beneficiary in a Trust and want to know what to expect and what your rights are, we are available to assist you with this as well. Just call our office and arrange a complimentary (new clients) consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

What to bring

You should bring with you:

  • Legal Documents
    • Trust & Amendments
    • Wills & Codicils
  • Assets Owned by Decedent
  • Assets Held By Decedent’s Trust
    • Financial Statements
    • Insurance Policies
    • Tax Returns
    • Copies of Deeds
    • Any other asset information
  • Contact information for interested parties
What to expect

You will meet with one of our experienced attorneys who will explain to you the role(s) you have been asked to fill as well as your legal rights. We provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the period of the trust administration and will be available as needed so that you can be confident that you have fulfilled your legal obligations to the beneficiaries of the trust, if serving as trustee. If you are a beneficiary, you will know that you will be receiving all that you are intended to receive.

We don’t stop there

Sometimes an individual’s first experience with a post-death administration is an incentive for them to get their own affairs in order. We are available to provide estate, tax and business planning services as needed.