Real Estate Law

Real estate is a diverse area of practice that focuses on protecting residential, agricultural and  commercial business clients’ interest in real property that is being sold, purchased, leased, developed, exchanged, etc.

When to start

Any time you are contemplating buying, selling, leasing or exchanging real property, whether residential or commercial, it is best to involve an attorney who is knowledgeable regarding the law governing such transactions and is experienced with the legal documents needed to accomplish your goals.

Where to begin

If you are preparing to buy or sell a home, agricultural or commercial property, enter into a residential, agricultural or commercial lease, or exchange real estate, contact our office and set up a complimentary consultation (for new clients) with one of our attorneys.

What to bring

To get the most out of your initial consultation, you should bring:

  • Deed used to acquire property (if you are selling or leasing)
  • Copies of Purchase Agreements
  • Copies of Lease Agreements
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Promissory Notes
  • Appraisal Information
  • List of agreed-upon terms
What to expect

Whether you are needing someone to draft an agreement or contract, negotiate the terms of a contract or lease, or just want someone to review existing real estate agreements, you will meet with one of our experienced attorneys. Our attorney will review your situation and goals, and explain the potential risks of a transaction as well as advise you on how the terms can be improved to protect you and your interest in the real estate.

We don’t stop there

Not only can we assist you with your real estate transaction needs, but we also have the knowledge to advise you as to possible tax consequences stemming from such transactions.