Resolutions of Tax Issues and Controversies

A tax controversy is a situation in which there is some dispute between a taxing authority, such as the Internal Revenue Service or the Missouri Department of Revenue, and a person or business that is alleged to owe a tax to that taxing authority. The tax issue can be an income, employment, sales, use, property, excise or some other form of tax. Sometimes the dispute involves whether a tax liability exists at all or whether the amount claimed due is proper. Other times, the amount due may not really be in issue, but rather, there is a disagreement over collecting the amount due.

Some services that are provided in this area include:
  • Preparation of Collection Information Statements
  • Coordination with a Tax Preparer to Complete Missing Returns
  • Full & Partial Pay Installment Agreements
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Injured Spouse Relief
  • Estate Tax Audits
  • Gift Tax Audits
  • Income Tax Audits
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Cases
  • Audit Defense
  • Employment Tax Cases
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Levys/Garnishments
  • Real Property Tax Appeals
When to start

As soon as you know that you will owe a tax and not be able to pay the amount due, you should seek assistance. Alternatively, if you have not yet filed or you have been contacted by letter about an outstanding balance, you should contact us immediately. In tax matters, the lapse of time can be extremely important and you can forfeit certain rights if you do not act quickly.

Where to begin

To get help with your tax controversy, you first need to call to schedule an appointment. For new tax clients, we do charge a low, flat rate consultation fee which is collected at the time of your appointment with one of our attorneys or our Enrolled Agent.

What to bring

To make your appointment most helpful for you, you should try to collect everything related to your tax matter that you have. For instance:

  • Copies of your returns if you have filed
  • Copies of all correspondence from the taxing authority

If you have not filed income taxes or other returns, bring all records that you have access to that would be needed to complete these returns.

What to expect

During your initial consultation, we will review your personal situation with you, and review any documents that you have. Once we have an understanding of your situation, we will explain what options or steps are available to you in order to work towards resolving your tax controversy. If you decide to retain our services, you will be given a fee agreement that details what work will be performed and how the charges will be calculated. We have successfully negotiated installment agreements, partial payment installment agreements and offers in compromise with the IRS, as well as defended income, estate and gift tax audits on behalf of our clients. Additionally, under the right circumstances, we have been able to obtain innocent spouse relief and penalty abatements.

We do not stop there

Once we have come up with a plan to resolve your tax controversy, we will help to make sure that you stay in compliance with any requirements, such as making payments, staying current on tax liabilities and filing of returns. On occasion, additional follow up has to happen with the taxing authority to make sure that their records are properly updated.