Getting Started with Estate & Business Planning

We at Cripps & Simmons want to be sure we address all of your goals and objectives. We delve into the details to be sure nothing is left out. That’s why we ask clients to provide a comprehensive list of their assets, including everything from checking accounts to vehicles to savings bonds and brokerage accounts, as well as real estate and business interests. We will need to know how each asset is owned, and the approximate current value. This information can be put together by you in a list or spreadsheet, or we can help you pull the information together from your most recent financial statements. Some clients have their financial advisors provide this information to us. We are happy to work with your advisors to obtain the information we need. We will also want to review any relevant business agreements, including operating agreements for limited liability companies and shareholder or buy-sell agreements.

In addition to information about your assets, we will want to review any legal documents you already have in place, such as Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives.

For business planning clients, we will need to know information about all potential owners of the business, plans you have for the business such as financing and management, and your future goals. We will talk with you about the appropriate entity to use while considering tax consequences, management structures and characteristics of various forms of ownership.