Getting Started with Tax Controversy

Getting a letter from the IRS or state taxing authority can, understandably, create a great amount of anxiety. A common reaction to receiving such a letter, is to set it aside, maybe hoping that the problem will go away. Unfortunately, this is normally not the case, and worse, can limit your options in resolving the controversy. In tax matters, certain notices are given with very short allowances for you to file a response or objection, sometimes 30 days, or even less.

If you do not understand what is going on, it is likely best to seek legal advice. At Cripps & Simmons, we can help explain to you why you received the notice, how to take steps to resolve your tax controversy, and what your options will be in doing so.

If you would like to visit with one of our attorneys about your tax controversy, the first step will be to contact our office and schedule an appointment. When you come to your appointment, you should bring copies of any notices that you have received from any taxing authority, any returns that have been prepared or filed for the applicable tax period or year, or if returns have not been filed yet, information and supporting documents, such as W-2’s, 1099’s, K-1’s and proof of expenses, deductions and any payments that have been made on your behalf. With this information, we can help determine whether the amounts claimed as being due are appropriate, and explain your options in moving forward either getting the amount corrected, or coming up with a collection alternative that works for all parties involved.