Our Process

All you need to do is call and schedule your initial consultation. You will then meet with one of our attorneys who will review your individual situation, discuss your personal goals and expectations, and educate you on the options available to accomplish your goals. For many clients, this first meeting is an opportunity to learn more, ask questions and determine the decisions that will need to be made.

If you decide you want our help, we can start working with you immediately. Additional conferences can also be scheduled as needed so you feel comfortable that you understand your choices and how best to implement your personal plan.

But we don’t stop there. While many firms meet with you briefly, provide the services agreed upon in those first couple of meetings, and then send you on your way, we go further. We remain available to you for years to come, to help you when circumstances change. Anytime you want to make a change, or to review what you’ve done to make sure it is still what you want, you can call in again or schedule another appointment. We are also available to assist with administration of your estate whenever it may become necessary. We want to help you get started, but we also want to make sure your plan is carried out according to your wishes.